Anna and Tomasz’s Case

Location: Isleworth

Moved in date: Sep 2010

Letting Agent: Snellers 

Property management agent: Thamesview Estate Agent Ltd

Landlord: Mrs F Saleh & Mr Sultan Ahmad Sakh

What bother Tomasz and family: unsafe property without maintenance, rubbish in the garden which is left for a year


Comment from Anna (Video):

Comment from Anita, friend of Anna (Video):


Our Story:

We really want to share our unhappy experience since we know there are a lot of dishonest agents and landlords trying to deceive the tenants. We rent this house from Snellers letting Agent in Sep 2010 and we live with 2 little children. We have acted as reliable tenants for 1 year, yet the landlady Mrs F Saleh has allowed our home to fall into disrepair.

We have been forced to make many of the repairs ourselves, specifically, we have repainted the whole house (3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, corridor), cleaned the whole house and cleaned the carpet for the 3 bedrooms on the first day we moved in and also small repairs in the house.
In total, we calculate that these repairs have a value of £4,500. But this kind of repair should be done by the landlady / landlord – Mrs F Saleh & Mr Sultan Ahmad Sakhand – they don’t even want to give us back the repair fees.

Also the door side gate is broken, the glass and tiles in the bathroom are broken, the shower head in the bathroom is half apart from the wall. And there are cables getting frayed and they don’t have outer covering, we are so worried about our little children may touch the cables by accident. My wife Anna even had nightmares for living in this unsafe house. We tried to inform the Agent Snellers to tell our landlady / landlord about this situation and we hope they could find someone to fix it but they just ignore us.

Broken shower head that we can't hang on the wall

Further more there were big rubbish bags in the garden which the landlady promised to clear them on the first week we moved in but she did nothing. And she regularly make unscheduled walkthroughs of our house which is illegal and it bothers us. We feel like we don’t have privacy for living in this house.

Rubbish that leave in the garden for a year

And the house is in bad condition that there is growing damp in the wardrobes and the corner of the living room which our son starts to have problem of breathing because of it. The carpet tack strips are also not in good condition, the nails stick out and once my friend Anita stepped on them without notification and it hurt her badly.

Growing damp in the corner of the living room

It is the responsibility of the landlady to keep the house in good condition and we already did a lot repair by ourselves because we want our family to live more comfortable. The are really an irresponsible bad landlady and landlord and we don’t want to spend another couple thousand pounds to repair. The reason we don’t move out is because we spent £4,500 to repair the house and we are sure they will not give me back once we have moved out. It is so unfair what they did to us and the letting Agent Snellers just cares about the money and they don’t really think about the tenants.

We pleased that we can express our feelings and share our story here and we want to let everyone knows and be careful before renting a house!! There are a lot of bad landlords in UK and sometimes it is difficult for the tenants to report the landlord if we do not know the way.


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