Edyta, Rawa and Marta’s Case

Location: Cranford

Moved in date: October 2011

Letting agent: TPM Estate Agent – 728B Bath Road, Cranford TW5 9TW

Landlord: Mr D D

What bother Edyta and family: The TPM Estate Agent cheated them and harassed them. Also the police did not help them to sort our the situation at all.


My mother Martha and my father Roman rented a 3 bedrooms house in Cranford via TPM Estate Agent. They paid £1,950 deposit + £1,250 rent to TPM Estate agent after signing the contract. When they rented the house, they mentioned that me and 3 of my children might move in with them.

First page of the contract



Based on the tenancy agreement with the landlord, the rent should be £1,250/month in a fixed term of 12 months. But TPM estate agent asked them to pay £1,300 per month even through they have any agreement with the landlord. Since we all barely can speak and understand English, we did try to ask what these extra £50 for but they did not give us any reasonable answer. We had no choice to pay them £1,300 every month.

Also we paid £1,950 deposit but the TPM Estate Agent only secured our deposit to DPS for the amount of £1,300. Where is the rest of £650? We asked TPM Estate Agent to explain to us but they did not give us any answer yet which made us feel suspicious. How can they only secure partly of our deposit?

My parents are honest people, one day they told the agent that they had financial difficulties and they might be a little delay for paying the rent and after that our nightmare started. I think the TPM Estate agent thought we were bad tenants so they wanted to kick us out of the house.

We tried to call the TPM estate agent but they refused to talk to us. So me and my mother started to communicate with them via post. But the representatives from the TPM estate agent started to harass us, they came to our house without notification, they yelled outside the door and tried to break into the house in rude way. They even almost hit me when we tried to talk to them. Their behaviour scared us, especially my children. My children were crying when these people yelling and banging the door.

I reported this to the police but the police did not do anything. They just sent someone to ask me some questions and then they even said, “Next time you can say these people hit you if you want to call the police!” I was very shocked with what the police officer said.

The harassment has not been stopped even I called the police. The representative from TPM Estate Agent even tailed after my mother, me and my children in town. It really stressed us and scared us. We are so scared if they would do something to hurt us.

Due to the language barriers, I tried to ask my friend to call and talk to the agent, but they were rude to my friend as well and said my friend had no right to speak with them. I cannot speak English and they refused to talk to my friend, I felt very helpless.

On 12 April 2012, the TPM Estate agent even called to my mother’s workplace and disturb her manager. They also said something not nice to ruin my mother’s reputation. They are doing this to try to make my mother losing the job, let’s imagine, if my mother loses the job, how could she pay the rent?

So once again I reported this to the police online but the police officer was very cold to me. They called me in the evening on 12 April 2012 with an interpreter, I thought they called me for the harassment case but they did not mention a word about it. They said they called the agent and the agent told them that we were behind the rent. The police officer said I had no rights to live in this house and he even said if he was the landlord / agent, he would do the same what they did to my mother (call everyone to ask for the money). How can a police officer said something like this if he knows the law? That means he allows the harassment happened? The police officer also said me and my mother were making problem and it was not the business of the police. He suggested us to go to civic court but not calling for the police. I have no idea what the TPM agent said to the police, but the police was at their side because they said they believed what the TMP agent said.

I am very upset and disappointed about the police officer, they have bias and they judged us according to what the TPM agent said. I admitted that we are behind the rent but it does not mean the TPM agent has the right to harasses us and ruin someone’s reputation. They totally invaded our privacy. I believe in law and everything should be sorted out in a legal way.

I do not know if my landlord Mr Dais thinks the TPM Estate agent is doing the right thing. My mother did write letters to Mr Dais to let him know our situation but we haven’t had replied from him. As a landlord, the agent is acting on behalf of him but the agent is doing something illegal, I think the landlord should take the responsibility as well.

I cannot believe there is such bad letting agent who does such nasty thing. I really want to let the whole world knows and warn everyone who wants to rent the property from TPM Estate Agent. I think they only care about money and they would do anything to destroy someone’s life. We will reserve all our legal rights.

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